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Lorain County: Real Estate Tax Rates

Anyone who looking to buy property in Lorain County should be aware of the local real estate tax rates. This becomes important during tax season and is also a deciding factor for many when they try to choose which home to buy or even which tax district to live within. With 301,356 people in Lorain County as of the 2010 census, it should come as no surprise that there are multiple tax districts, all of which have slightly different specific rates, with some commonality. All the below tax rates are based off each $1,000 of property read for taxation and the figures are for the 2017 calendar year.

County And Township Rates

Regardless of where in Lorain County you live, the county tax rate is $15.082 per $1,000. The County Health tax rate is almost always $0.50 in Lorain County. The exceptions are Vermilion City/Firelands LSD and Vermilion City/Vermilion LSD, where the tax rate is $1.00. Township rates vary from $1.00 to $12.95 depending on where you live. Those two previously mentioned tax districts with Vermilion City have some of the lowest township rates in the county – $1.15 each, a figure which Oberlin City/Oberlin CSD shares. Amherst TWP/S. Amherst Village/Firelands LSD also has a notably low $1.00 rate. On the other end of the spectrum, few taxing districts have township rates above $10, but Brighton TWP/Wellington EVSD has the highest rate at $12.95. Huntington TWP/Black River LSD has a $12.05 rate, Sheffield TWP/Clearview LSD is $12.13, Wellington TWP/Wellington EVSD is $10.63, and Wellington EVD is $10.15. Every other taxing district falls between these figures.

Cities And Villages

Some taxing districts do not have additional taxes for cities and villages, while others range from $2.80 to $10.00 for the most part. Only a handful of taxing districts have rates higher than this, including Sheffield Lake City/Sheffield LK CSD with $19.36, the highest rate.

School Rates

Everyone contributes $2.45 per $1,000 to the joint vocational school. School tax rates vary by taxing district, going as high as $100.00 in Olmsted Falls CSD or as low as $33.55 in Rochester Village/New London LSD.


As all these figures are added together, the total 2017 tax rate for real estate in Lorain County can range from $127.712 in Olmsted Falls CSD to $62.012 in Rochester TWP/New London LSD. Your accountant can show you your specific tax rates or you can find them online.

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