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Amherst, Ohio Property Management: Services You Can Rely On

As the owner of rental property in Amherst, Ohio, with little time to be as hands-on as you would like, the services of a trusted property management company would benefit you greatly. The company you hire will handle your real estate investment on your behalf. Following are the standard services that our property management company provides.
  • Tenant Screening – A reputable company has trained eyes to spot potentially problematic tenants. After screening hundreds, if not thousands, of applications, it can find red flags quickly. You will substantially increase your chance of renting to reliable tenants by having a top property management company handle your tenant screenings.
  • Lower Tenant Turnover – With the services of a property management company, your tenant turnover rate will decrease. By promptly solving problems, being available to answer questions, and serving as a positive representative, the right company will keep your tenants happy. As a result, they will have no desire to move anywhere else.
  • On-Time Rental Payments – Having a property management company working for you will also ensure that rental payments get made on time. If necessary, it will handle the eviction process for you. Remember, the company you hire takes its fees directly from the monthly rent that your tenants pay. For that reason, it is highly motivated to get payments in on time.
  • Tenant Point of Contact – Instead of you receiving calls or text messages at all hours of the day or night, the property management company will serve as the point of contact for your tenants. Especially if you own property in a different city or state, there is no way for you to handle problems as they arise. The property management company will take care of issues that are your responsibility. Otherwise, it will direct the tenants to the right source.

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