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5 Ways an Ohio Real Estate Agent Can Save You Time and Money

Selling your Ohio home can be one of the most important financial moves most people will ever make. Yet, many sellers are hesitant to hire a real estate agent when they make the decision to sell their home. Among the most common reasons for not working with an agent is that many homeowners believe they can do the job on their own and save money. In reality, this is rarely the case. Below, we explore five ways an Ohio real estate agent can actually help you save time and money.
  1. Increased Exposure - Without a real estate agent representing you and your property, you may find that buyers’ agents are not anxious to show your home to their clients. Ultimately, this can decrease market exposure for your property and could even cause your home to sit on the market longer and sell for less money in the end. By comparison, when you hire a real estate agent, your property will receive a far greater amount of exposure.
  2. You Don’t Have to Deal with Marketing and Showing Your Property - If you have no experience in selling a property and you do not have a lot of extra time on your hands, the reality is that you likely will not have the time or the experience to market your home properly, schedule showings, and cope with all of the questions a prospective buyer might have. By using an agent, you can rest assured that there will always be someone available to answer questions and show your home.
  3. Your Agent Can Negotiate to Get You the Best Sales Price - Negotiating when an offer is made on your home can be challenging and even overwhelming for many homeowners. As a result, there is a very real possibility that you could miss getting the best price possible for your property if you attempt to do it on your own. An experienced agent can remove emotion from the equation and will understand the best strategies to ensure you get the highest sales price possible for your property.
  4. An Agent Will Ensure All of the Legalities Are Met - When homeowners attempt to handle selling their home on their own, they are often surprised at how many legalities they encounter. Even a small mistake could result in unforeseen legal problems and cost homeowners not only the sale of their home but also significant legal costs. By working with an agent, homeowners can rest assured all of the legalities of selling their home will be met.
  5. Avoid Wasting Time on Pointless Showings - When selling your home on your own, you may spend a significant amount of time showing your home to people who have no ability or even desire to purchase it. An experienced agent can ensure showings are only given to qualified buyers rather than dreamers without the financial ability to make a purchase or curious neighbors who simply want a look inside your home.

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